Who We Are

What is Wellington Quaker Meeting and Why do they meet?

In a nutshell (or three!):

  • Otherwise known as ‘Friends’ (from the more formal ‘Religious Society of Friends’), Quakers are a spiritual community nourished by the everyday experience of the Divine. We have no creeds and no statement of faith; for us it’s all about direct and shared participation in, through and with the Spirit.
  • Meeting weekly for worship, Quakers share in communal stillness – a period in which we seek to better hear and feel the presence of the Spirit (variously known as God, Christ, the Seed, etc – but don’t be deterred if you’re not comfortable with the language; its all about the experience and not the name!). If a Friend feels moved to stand and say a few words, they are welcome to give a short ministry. Without a formal order of service, our meetings can vary greatly – but are always deeply enriching experiences!
  • Quakers live by the principles (or ‘testimonies’) of Integrity, Simplicity, Peace, Equality, Community and Concern for the Environment. We believe there is that of God in everyone and every experience has something to teach.

To find out more about the Quaker way, please visit the website for Quakers in Britain

Where do Wellington Quaker Meeting actually meet?

The name might be a bit of a giveaway – our meeting is located in Wellington in scenic Somerset. More specifically, though, we meet in the beautiful 19th Century meeting house just off of the High Street (more information on our Meeting House). Simply proceed down the signed passageway by the bus stop on the South side. Our big red door will be right in front of you!

Who can attend Meeting for Worship?

Absolutely anyone. Seriously. No obstacle courses, no criteria, no admin, no initiation rites, or anything!

Quakers believe that there is that of God in every human being and our doors are open to people of all ages (we even have a monthly Children’s meeting especially for the little ones), all genders, all sexualities and all faiths.

Quaker spirituality is living and experiential; collectively witnessing the Divine with humility and deep love. We believe in community in diversity. Every human experience has something to teach and we absolutely welcome yours. Come along and see for yourself!

When is Meeting for Worship?

We meet every Sunday at 10:30am.
Meeting lasts for one hour and is usually followed by a shared ‘afterword’ and the absolutely essential tea, biscuits and chat!

Children’s Meeting is held on the first Sunday of every month.
Children meet for planned activities in our specially built Children’s Hut and join the adults for the last few minutes of shared worship.

I’m actually interested in hiring of the Meeting House for an event or a regular group. Can I do this and how?

Our Meeting House is a wonderful venue for weekly classes/ groups in Wellington or for small events. If you are interested in making a booking, simply visit our Lettings & Bookings page to make a request!

We look forward to meeting you!